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April 28, 2012
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Chapter XV

"Mm-hmm," you mindlessly nodded and took his hand to dance, rising slowly to your feet.

He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you close to him, then began swaying to the music. You grinned and placed your arms around his lithe shoulders; the beginning to your first dance.

"I don't know how to dance very well," you admitted, knowing he probably knew the steps to almost any formal dance.

He shrugged lightly and continued to sway in circles as he looked into your eyes.

You blushed and looked away, letting a small grin take over your face. "So," you began, looking up at him through the corner of your eye. "Girlfriend, huh?" you teased.

He blushed, a slight chuckle escaping his mouth. "Well, it's definitely more than friendship, wouldn't you agree, beautiful?" He gazed back at you with sparkling eyes.

This got your attention; you turned your blushing face back in his direction. "Y-yes..." you answered, not sure if he meant it as a rhetorical question.

"And there's not a problem with that?" he questioned again, hugging you slightly tighter in his arms.

You shook your head and stuttered out a 'no', your heart fluttering as your mind sluggishly figured out where this was going.

"Then the feeling is mutual...?" he asked in a final tone, holding back a smug smile.
You gazed into his yellow eyes and nodded slightly, your cheeks turning a light pink.

You looked at eachother wordlessly, his expression warm and caring - you were more worried about what /your/ face looked like at the moment, and guessed that "surprised" might be the most appropriate word.

The waiter - who had been awkwardly standing to the side for who knows how long - nervously coughed and repeated a question that you had failed to hear the first time.
Kid looked over to the man and ordered him to just choose a random item from the menu; the waiter had apparently been awaiting your order.

The waiter nodded and ran back inside, muttering apologies.

After a few more dances and some short conversations, two servers walked in carrying plates piled high with steaming food. Starving, the two of you sat down to enjoy your meal.

The delicious food - perfectly spiced with herbs and other ingredients imported from all over the globe - and light conversation kept you occupied and happily content until the sunset painted the sky a bright orange.

The payed bill - you didn't dare look at the total - rested on the edge of the table, the meal now over.

"Are you ready to go?" Kid asked, putting his finely tailored jacket on.
You nodded and he took your hand, the two of you leaving the fancy restaurant. Back under the cherry blossoms in your leisurely, after-dinner walk, you squeezed his fingers, which were interlaced with yours. "This was nice," you said with a smile, looking down at the fallen petals from the cherry trees above.

Kid stopped in his tracks and pulled on your hand, and you looped around to face him.
"Is something wrong, Kiddo-kun?" you asked.

"Nice?" He questioned. He stepped towards you and placed a careful finger under your chin. "I'm going to make it /perfect/," he announced, and brought his lips to yours in a soft kiss. Your heart faltered, then began pounding in your ears. You closed your eyes and returned the kiss, throwing your arms around his neck and shoulders and hugged him close. His warm lips parted from yours for a split second only to take a breath, then they were back for more. When your heart felt as if it were to jump out of your chest, Kid ended the kiss and looked into your eyes, the sparkle in his yellow orbs shone more bright than ever.

"Perfect," you breathlessly corrected yourself with a smile.
It's so fluffeh I'm gonna :iconinuexplodeplz:

Sorry for the chapter being so short TwT I'll make the next one extra long just for y'all <3

Previous Chapter: [link]

Next Chapter: [link]

~~started reading the wrong chapter first? NO WORRIES! Here's the FIRST CHAPTER so you can read it all: [link]
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